Fritillary Group

Our Fritillary Group encourages members to develop their own designs. We meet once every two or three months in members' houses. We take it in turn to suggest an idea or topic which individuals work on before the next get together. The results may be an idea, a pattern or even a finished piece of lace. Group projects are also undertaken for competitions and exhibitions.

The Box of Nature's Delights

The Box of Natures Delight

Our talented Fritillary Group entered The Lace Guild Contrasts Exhibition in June 2013 and not only were awarded a medal of excellence, but also The Northumbria Lacemakers Trophy for groups of 10 more lacemakers.
View some pictures of the box here.

Clockwork Mice

We are happy to report that our latest project 'Clockwork Mice' has been awarded a Medal for Excellence in the 2010 Lace Guild exhibition, Movement. It will be on show at the Walsall Museum from 17th July to 25th September (for details see The Lace Guild web site), and locally as soon as we get it back!

clockwork mice

In addition, two members of the group set a challenge to produce an Artist's Trading Card based on some photographs of pylons taken in northern France on the return journey from the OIDFA convention in Holland last year. The challenge is open to all Northdowns members and it is hoped to display the results at the Lace Day at the end of September.

Carol and Jane's challenge
Carol and Jane attended Pat Gibsons Workshop at Worcester which was based on Artist's Trading Cards. They spent an excellent morning and thought more lacemakers would like to know about this subject and offerred it as a Challenge to the Fritillary Group.

Artists Trading Cards (ATC) are produced as a set or series in any discipline, eg textiles, scrapbooking, painting, cartoons et al. They should be made 64 mm x 89 mm (2 ½ x 3 ½ inches) or presented on card that size.

Part of the Challenge is that members (and anyone else who would like to join in) will complete an Artists Trading Card (ATC) for an extra exhibition at the Lace Day in September which in turn will introduce this fascinating past-time to yet more people.

As you will realise this originally started for Artists and since as Textile Artists we probably may like to make smaller samples I can see no reason why one couldn't photocopy the lace, print this on to visiting cards or similar and use these to give to people - we might not like to part with our actual creations but this is, of course, is entirely up to the individual lace maker."

To give the exhibition a theme we would like your design to be inspired by some photographs but this is not essential. We were on our way back from Groningen, OIDFA Congress 2008 and looking at the pylons as possible source of design for lace. Most of the photographs were taken as we passed though France.

For further information on Artists Trading Cards visit


The project for 2007 was to produce a piece to enter in the Lace Guild's competition. The work was based on the theme 'Seven'. An example of an interpretation of the theme is shown on the inside cover of the October 2006 issue of the Lace Guild magazine, 'Lace', (No 124).


The Group's 2004 project was called 'The Creation'. Some fifteen of our members contributed to it by making pieces of needle lace in the form of animals, flowers, fish etc. These were combined to depict the Seven Days of the Creation. The piece of work is pictured below and was submitted in the John Bull Competition 'Myth and Mystery' where it was awarded a medal of excellence.

The creation

The finished work has been donated to Frimley Park Hospital and will be displayed in the Patients, Staff and Visitors area of the Central Delivery Suite.