Demonstrating at Dogmersfield Village Fete 16th July 2011

Dogmersfield is a pretty village not far from Fleet, Hampshire. The rain came down as we arrived at the fete but luckily for the organisers did not last the whole afternoon. We were in a tent with Creative Designs (beading), the Spinners and weavers and the Ham radio Society. There was a steady stream of families coming to see what we were doing and more when there was a shower of rain. It is always lovely to see and talk to the children. Our 'Pass the Pillow' Project was there and many people had a go. Our display was much admired and we had a lovely afternoon.

Pictures from the event



Photographs from our 2019 annual lace day.
Photographs from our exhibition at the Needlework Archive.
Photographs from our exhibition at the 2016 Make-it show.
Demonstrating in Princes Mead.
Demonstrating at the village fete.
Updates on our pillow.

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