Ann Day

Northdowns Lacemakers President

I had wanted to make lace since I was quite small. I could crochet and knit lace and I had learnt to tat, when I found a mixed crafts class in Weymouth, where I lived over 40 years ago. I learnt bobbin lace there and continued to teach myself. When I came to live in Camberley I saw an advertisement in the local paper for a lace tutor and I taught at the local Adult Education Centre for nearly 30 years including teaching City and Guilds Creative Lacemaking from its inception till its demise. I now teach a U3A bobbin lace in Farnborough.

I am a founder member of Northdowns lacemakers . I have served on the Executive Committee of the Lace Guild and several of its sub-committees. I am an Assistant Hon. Curator of The Lace Guild Museum. I belong to OIDFA and love going to the Congresses.

I cannot say which kind of lace I love most because it changes. I am an advocate for modern lace as I think tradition should evolve, but at the same time I love antique lace. My work with The Lace Guild Museum means I have plenty of opportunity to handle and admire it.

A Precious Moment by Ann Day

"A Precious Moment"

Coloured Carrickmacross celebrates bringing my baby son home from hospital in 1971 and seeing the polyanthus my father had planted in my front garden for me.

A large panel worked in Carrickmacross techniques

"A Hanging"

A large panel worked in Carrickmacross techniques

A Fritillary group project.

Butterfly by Ann Day


One of triptych of 3 butterflies based on the same design and worked in Bedfordshire, Braid and Torchon lace. I made them around 1980.

Orchid by Ann Day


I made this for John Allen's challenge for the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace 2004. Made from 3 scarves cut up and dyed.

Victorian Bucks-Point Panel

Victorian Bucks-Point Panel

This is a fine Victorian Bucks-Point panel which I have enlarged and worked in coloured yarns to make a scarf.

Ear Rings by Ann Day

Ear Rings

Some of the ear rings I have designed and made.

Updated: April 2018

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